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10 Valentine’s Day crafts for the creativity-deficient mom

Give me a “simple” craft idea and I will curse and rage within five minutes. The craft will also inexplicably be on fire.

I normally troubleshoot my abysmal crafting record by purchasing DIY lookalikes instead. This year, though, I won’t be afraid to whip out the glue gun to try one of these simple but stunning crafts for my daughter’s day care valentine exchange.

1. Mini bubblegum machines


Image: Bubbly Nature Creations

Believe it or not, this head-turning craft only requires a plastic ornament, a red paper cup and some scrapbook paper. And, oh yeah, a few gumballs if you’re feeling particularly generous.

2. “I cereal-sly like you”


Image: Marci Coombs

If you have children, you’re likely aware that kids love cereal almost as much as they love candy. But did you know that moms love crafts that only require a ribbon and a spoon, almost as much as kids love cereal? It’s like the circle of life.

3. Tootsie Pop butterflies


Image: I Heart Naptime

Sweet little hearts and butterflies take a lollipop from drab to fab in just a few minutes apiece. You could easily churn out 30 of these while watching The Bachelor.

4. Heart-shaped bird feeder


Image: No Time for Flash Cards

Your child’s classmates will love the natural appeal of this little bird feeder, which only requires birdseed, gelatin, ribbon and a silicon mold for Valentine’s Day perfection.

5. “Owl be your valentine”


Image: Joyfully Jensen

Start stockpiling your toilet paper rolls now, because this cute owl is worth the extra effort. Once you’ve gathered the cardboard rolls, you’ll be set to impress with the addition of simple scrapbook paper and googly eyes. It’s more than easy on the eyes, though — the toilet paper rolls can hold candy, too.

6. Heart-shaped sun catchers

sun catcher

Image: Fun at Home with Kids

Don’t leave the crafts to those kids who have a mandatory valentine exchange at school. Surprisingly, you can make these lovely sun catchers with the tiniest of toddlers, since the only ingredients are coffee filters and watercolors.

7. “You’re one in a minion”


Image: Karen’s Ideas Galore

If you know how to tape a printable minion to a Twinkie, this craft isn’t far from reach. Thank goodness we all survived the Hostess Twinkie scare of 2013.

8. Pom-pom valentine monsters


Image: Crafts Unleashed

This monster is a little bit more complicated for moms who aren’t particularly crafty, but the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed is solid and helpful. You can perfect the monster with a pom-pom maker, and simply attach googly eyes and antennas to complete the craft.

9. Hershey’s Kisses mice

kisses mice

Image: Practically Functional

Who would ever think to glue two Hershey’s Kisses together to make an adorable Valentine’s Day mouse? You’ll just need the kisses, glue and googly eyes for tasty treats that are sure to make recipients say, “Eek!”

10. Candy kebabs


Image: Mom Endeavors

Finally, nothing is quite as easy as threading mushy candy onto a wooden dowel. Wrap this kebab in cellophane and call it a day, Mom. You’ve worked for it.

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