We predict: Buzz-worthy baby girl names of 2015

The buzz-worthy baby girl names of 2015 reflect the modern way of thinking outside of the box, such as girls named Wyatt or Monroe, along with the pretty classics, such as flower names like Violet and Rose. Fairy tale-inspired names are definitely having their moment (we are looking at you Elsa, Aurora and Briar), as are names like Hazel and Tris from the year’s hottest movies. Find out the best baby girl names of 2015.

Pottery Barn baby names

It might sound strange, but Pottery Barn has a knack for picking out the coolest baby names of the year. Flip through the newest catalog or browse their site online and check out the names embroidered on their adorable chairs or backpacks, along with the names of their furniture collections. That’s right — you can shop for your nursery and pick out a baby name at the same time, which is multitasking at its finest.

Here are a few standout Pottery Barn names we love:

Fairy tale-inspired names

We don’t expect to see many girls named Cinderella or Snow White running around the playground, however, Disney-inspired names are expected to be a huge trend this year. Celebrity moms were the first to jump on the trend, with Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling naming their daughter Esmeralda after The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen picking the name Briar Rose, from Sleeping Beauty.

With the popularity of Frozen, we are bound to see a few girls named Elsa and Anna crawling around. Here are more Disney-inspired names that are sure to be popular in 2015:

Boy names as girl names

A name that is a fairly common name for boys, such as Stevie, suddenly sounds fresh and modern when given to a girl (and we totally aren’t surprised that Stevie Nicks was ahead of her time). Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher helped this trend pick up steam, when they named their daughter Wyatt. Drew Barrymore has a daughter she named Frankie, while Kristen Bell picked the cool name Lincoln for her daughter. Many of these celebrities picked a feminine sounding middle name to balance out the first name.

Here are more boy names for girls:

Flower baby names

On the other end of the spectrum, flower baby girl names are pretty — and undoubtedly feminine. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reportedly named their baby girl Violet (as did Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck), while Scarlett Johansson named her daughter the sweet name Rose. Here are a few more flower-inspired names that are sure to be huge in 2015:

Travel-inspired baby names

Destination baby names, such as London, Georgia or Rome, are one of the hottest trends of the year. Vanessa and Nick Lachey just named their daughter Brooklyn — and who can forget Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West? Expect to see your daughter become friends with kids named Easton, Paris and Dallas.

Names from pop culture

The hottest movies and TV shows often feature characters with great names, which lead to new baby name trends. Thanks to the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy, you may see the name Gamora increase in popularity, along with the name Tris from Divergent. The Hunger Games‘ Katniss may pick up slightly, however, we are betting Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars is the baby girl name to watch.

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