Gorgeous photo of same-sex, breastfeeding family more powerful than words

A breathtaking NOH8 photo takes a stand for moms who breastfeed their children, who may not have a typical family and who too often have to fight to simply care for their families.

A new photograph by the NOH8 organization speaks volumes, as most of its starkly beautiful photos tend to do. But for same-sex couple Mahaliyah Grace and Cindy Manit, their photo shows something that has never been seen before during the NOH8 campaign: a woman breastfeeding her child.

breastfeeding mom

Image: Photo by Adam Bouska, Courtesy of NOH8 Campaign

Grace and Manit show solidarity with all nursing moms with their touching photo, which not only encompasses the love they share for each other but for their 18-month-old daughter, Immorah, who is making strong eye contact with Grace as she nurses from her left breast.

Breastfeeding discrimination is alarmingly and unfortunately alive and well. Harassment and discrimination continue to be major problems, even with all the laws that now protect mothers who wish to do nothing more than feed their child when they’re with them, no matter where they may be. Every time a mom is asked to cover up, move or even leave a public place, not only are her rights violated, but the rights of all nursing mothers are threatened.

Bouska told BuzzFeed, “NOH8 is about putting a face to those that have been discriminated against or made to feel lesser — a feeling many mothers who have breast-fed in public are all too familiar with. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to help Mahaliyah and Cindy celebrate the beauty of motherhood.”

What a wonderful gift Bouska and this family have given to us with this simple — yet powerful — photograph, especially to moms who have been touched by breastfeeding discrimination in one form or another.

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