Baby name predictions for spring 2015

Mar 31, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. ET
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Will your family be expanding in 2015? If so, you've no doubt begun the search for the perfect baby name. We'll help you get started with our predictions of what will be the biggest trends in this year's baby name arena.

Traditional names from pop culture

From the Mouseketeers lineup to the mega stars of Glee, pop culture has driven the popularity of baby names for decades. What's different for 2015, however, is that the names from the latest books, TV shows and movies are more classic and less "trendy."

Scottish baby names

The Irish baby name trend that has reigned supreme for so many years will lose ground to these gorgeous Scottish names. For boys, keep an eye out for Duncan, Finlay and Lachlan, and for girls, watch for Fiona, Isla and Lara.

Names featuring the long O sound

Long-A names (like Ava and Aiden) have long ruled the charts for boys and girls, but the trend is making way for a new vowel. The long O sound will feature in some of the hottest up-and-comers, including Harlow and Margot for girls and Leo and Omar for boys.

Boy names that end with "-ett"

Say goodbye to the "-aden" based boy names — Aiden, Brayden, Cadin, Jaden — and hello to "-ett" based baby names. Hip monikers such as Beckett, Bennett and Everett will rule the schools.

Gender-swap names

We're not talking about unisex names here. We're referring to the trend among new parents to give boy names to girls and vice versa. While the coolness factor is high, the confusion element will be even higher as girls are given names like Campbell, James, Maxwell and Ryan. Boys, meanwhile, will reclaim names that once belonged to them but have been used more often for girls. Ashley, Kim, Morgan and Taylor are prime examples.

A return to the basics

While one segment of the population opts for something unique and different, another will aim for a baby name that leaves nothing to the imagination. No gender-swap names like the above, no gender-neutral names like Cameron or Jordan. Nope. These parents will give decidedly male names to their sons (think Michael, Frederick and John) and truly female names to their daughters (Genevieve, Mary and Susan).

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