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9 Baby trends for 2015 that all the cool babies will be doing

Just like normal adult humans, babies also care what will be hot and popular during the upcoming year. Here are some hot new trends your infant will be indulging in during 2015.

1. Waiting until you buckle them into their car seat to have a dirty diaper

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This hot new baby trend will continue to be huge in 2015, with the under-3 set waiting until you have them all bundled up in their clothing and snowsuit and into their car seats before they decide to fill their Pampers with the most horrifying and stinky nightmare mess you can imagine. Why not have messy diapers while you are still warm inside and getting them changed for their outing? Because that’s so 2014.

2. Enjoying delicious new beverages like dog water

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Give an infant access to your pet’s dishes and they love nothing more than sampling the goods.

3. Shrieking when you take your cell phone away

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This will still be very popular with babies in 2015, with some infants preferring to engage in this trend with the remote control. Other fashionable options include your eyeglasses, car keys and anything else your baby can poke themselves in the eye with.

4. Spitting up on you

(Image Credit: Giphy

Some trends come and go, but this is timeless and every baby knows that it will never go out of style, especially when you — or another caregiver — is wearing something marked dry-clean only.

5. Pulling your hair

(Image Credit: Giphy

Even though hair-pulling will remain a popular pastime for babies in 2015, some babies will prefer to partake in necklace or dangly earring yanking as well.

6. Liking the box the gift comes in more than the actual gift

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Babies will make this trend super hot for 2015, and well-meaning parents will continue to buy them gifts even though all babies really want are the boxes the gifts arrive in.

7. Asking “How big is Baby?”

(Image Credit: Giphy)

Stretching their arms over their heads, and answering “Soooo big!” will continue to be hugely popular with babies in 2015.

8. Crying on airplanes

 (Image Credit: Giphy

Hot in 2014, still hot in 2015. But who can blame babies for crying on airplanes? Cabin pressure, crowded seats, paying extra to check a bag. I cry on airplanes too.

9. Taking their socks off the second you put them on

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Babies have no interest in you keeping their feet warm, and they will continue to prove this in 2015 by pulling off their socks the moment you put them on them.

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