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Little boy writes letter to Santa to have his grandfather home

A little boy in Connecticut is going to get his Christmas wish this year. He wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking that his grandfather get the day off from his job at Madison Beach Hotel in Madison, Connecticut. Like a Christmas miracle, 9-year-old Julian Otero got a letter from Santa — and his wish.

The hotel manager, John Mathers, got wind of the request when grandfather Leo brought it to him at work. Who could possibly resist such sweetness?

And just when you think it couldn’t get any sweeter, here is the response:

It’s easy as grown-ups to get into a Grinch-like mood about the holidays. They are a lot of work, after all. We spend a ton of money and time running around from this place to that place trying to get everything done and make everything perfect for our kids. We want them to have the perfect Christmas.

They want that, too. They write their letters to Santa and they wish for things big and small. But we also forget the most important thing. What they really want? Is us.

Little Julian Otero will get his day off. Just like he asked. The truth is, when we look around our holiday table and we think of all the people past and present who are there or who aren’t, we need to be grateful. There are no promises of next year. So we need to spend the time together while we can. Work can wait. It will be there on the 26th. It will be there on the 2nd. It will be there, period.

Family may not be. Especially grandparents.

I think any person with fond memories of their sweet grandparents can understand this story and also understand the importance of those memories. Julian will have them now. And let’s face it: In 20 years, that’s what matters more than any Xbox ever could. Even a 9-year-old knows that.

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