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Awesome mom still breastfeeds her 3-year-old triplets

A mom of triplets has continued to breastfeed them past their third birthday, proving that no matter how long you breastfeed your kids, someone will always have to fuss for a boob.
Davina Wright had triplets three years ago, when Summer, Willow and Connor were born. She decided she was going to try to breastfeed them, and even though nursing multiples can be difficult and challenging, she and her husband developed a successful system.

Now they are 3 years old and nurse only in the morning and night, but she says some things never change — it’s hard to be patient when you’re the kid not getting nursed. Wright says that now, each child has a separate room, and she goes in for a bit with each one for some one-on-one Mom time before they settle down for a slumber.

These gorgeous tots of course have full sets of chompers, eat real food, drink from cups and do everything preschoolers do on a typical day. In their case, that includes competing for Mom’s boobs. I breastfed my kids, and I had only one child at a time, yet it was still a challenge at times. What do you do when the number of kids outnumbers the boobs you have? Watch them fight over you, Lord of the Flies-style.

Wright says the life lessons her kids are learning from their early breastfeeding battles are actually honing their competitive edge. What better way to teach a child the value of a sweet victory than with the ultimate prize of a snuggle and a snack with Mom?

I adore this woman and admire her greatly for her desire to breastfeed triplets. And I think it rocks that she’s still nursing them at age 3. I know some feel that nursing for “so long” is not socially acceptable, and many look down upon her, but her kids are still young, and they are still benefiting from being breastfed. There are so many silly “rules” people have in place for when a kid should wean (when they get teeth, when they can use a cup, when they can ask for it, etc.), and they’re all meaningless unless they are rules you’ve made about yourself and your own child.

This gal can go on nursing her tiny pack of kids as long as she wants to. Just because a child reaches a certain age or a specific milestone, it doesn’t mean she will no longer benefit from breastfeeding. Wright is obviously confident in her decision, and her kids look very happy and healthy as they fight for the boob. I think this family is awesome.

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