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Mom’s adorable Elf on the Shelf nanny cam will melt your heart (VIDEO)

For those parents who are pro-Elf on the Shelf, this is the kind of warm and fuzzy holiday story that will make you go, “Awww.” Forget all the cleverly posed Elf on the Shelf pictures on Facebook. One mother finally figured out how to do an elf sighting right in a Christmas “prank” that her kids will never forget.
The mother of the year in question is Bobby Wilson. Her plan was to find a way to prove to her kids that the Elf on the Shelf really did move around at night after they went to sleep. Wilson had to get creative. She employed her children’s nanny cam to help her. With a bit of editing, Wilson was able to show her kids “proof” of the elf’s nighttime activity through nanny cam surveillance footage.

If you’re not familiar with how the Elf on the Shelf works, the holiday character’s premise is not unlike Old Saint Nick. The elf is always watching. In the original children’s book released in 2005, the elf flies back to report to Santa each night at the North Pole to confirm who’s been naughty or nice. When the kids wake up again in the morning, the magical elf is back. Each morning, the elf returns to a new hiding spot to remind the kids of his presence.

It sounds creepy, but most parents agree that the elf is a lot of fun. But as kids get older, they begin to get suspicious of all of the Christmas magic we try to sell them. Does the elf really move around at night? Does Santa really come down the chimney?

After telling her two children that she planned to install a nanny cam in their bedroom to spy on the elf after they were asleep, Wilson went to work. Her elf surveillance footage included little elves running around the Christmas tree, getting into presents and jumping on the bed.

Needless to say, Wilson’s kids were delighted to see “proof” of the elf caught in the act. Say what you will, but this mom’s clever idea is exactly what kids need in those years when they are just about to grow out of their innocence.

No matter where you stand on The Elf and Santa, watching these kids’ reactions will make your Christmas.

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