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Holiday books to share with your kids

I don’t think there is any gift more magical than a book, and here are some beautiful holiday picks to share with your kids this season.

Could anything be cozier than curling up on the sofa with your kids and enjoying a book together? I don’t think so. Books are so much more than just something for your kids to look at, they encourage a lifelong love of reading, foster imagination and creativity and give your kids and you a chance to create some lovely memories together that they will hopefully share with their own children when they are older.

Snowmen At Night

snowmen at night

In my neck of the woods we have yet to get any snow, but anyone could be charmed by this beautifully illustrated book about the secret life of snowmen. (Barnes and Noble, $12) 

The Smallest Gift of Christmas

smallest gift of christmas

Your kids will love what happens when Roland wishes for bigger and bigger gifts and realizes that the biggest gift of all doesn’t come in the biggest package. (Barnes and Noble, $12) 

Olive, the Other Reindeer

Olive the other reindeer

Also an animated special, the illustrations in Olive are just beautiful and kids will love reading about how a little dog wanted to help save Christmas. (Barnes and Noble, $14) 

Christmas Fun Mad Libs

Mad Libs

Want to keep your grade-schooler amused and out of your hair while you prepare the holiday dinner? Stick a Mad Libs in their stocking and let them interview relatives and ask them for their words to fill in the blanks. I adore Mad Libs, and everyone is always amused hearing the answers read out loud. (Barnes and Noble, $4) 

I Spy Christmas

I Spy

Another book your kids will love poring over, the I Spy books always have gorgeous photography and kids love finding the secret items in the pictures. (Barnes and Noble, $11) 



This is one of those you will want to supervise while your kids are reading because pop-up books are so delicate, and you will want to save this one for generations to come. (Barnes and Noble, $38) 

Santa is Coming To…

Santa is coming to new york

Here’s one way you can foster a belief in Santa in your kids, get them these adorable books that are personalized to showcase the city or state where you live. (Barnes and Noble, $8) 

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