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How can the parents of Jordyn Jones justify this highly sexualized video? (WATCH)

I think we can all agree that Jordyn Jones is a talented little girl, but that’s the thing, she’s a little girl. And a 14-year-old has no place performing in such a highly sexualized music video.

I have a daughter. She is 10. I’m raising her to be strong and confident and to understand that although sex is normal and fun and healthy, it’s for girls much older than she is, and much older than age 14. I have no issue with little girls dancing, or experimenting with their wardrobe choices, but I do have an issue with them dancing in provocative ways and wearing provocative clothing and then posting the videos on YouTube. This isn’t showcasing the talents of Jordyn Jones, it’s exploiting her, even if the dancing and song choice and wardrobe were all her own decisions. She is not old enough to make these decisions, and I’m not sure where her parents were when these decisions were made.
It’s inappropriate, pure and simple, and as a mom I can’t imagine letting my own kid — especially at such a young age — perform in such a provocative video. Let the kid dance, let the kid sing, but let her be a kid for just a few years longer. Because that’s what she is.

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