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Young siblings have an adorable reaction to crappy gifts

There’s a very good lesson in this little video, and it isn’t for the kids!

Tim Cocker, a British father, secretly filmed this prank in 2011. A few weeks before Christmas, he got to wondering whether his kids really knew how lucky they were to be able to wish for tons of material goodies.

Predictably, as he films, his son and daughter talk emphatically about their presents: His son wants a watch, and his daughter wants Barbie dolls. But when dad offers them each an early present, they unwrap a banana and an onion.

What happens next that is really heartwarming. The end is the best, and it’s the reason this video is being shared even a few years after it was posted.
Have you ever seen a kid so excited for a banana? They are too adorable.

Something tells us these kids are grateful for their gift not for what it was, because their daddy gave it to them. (Looks like someone was raised right!)

Consider this a little pick-me-up for parents. Just because your kids want a lot of stuff for Christmas doesn’t mean they won’t show gratitude, love and joy for what they already have: You.

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