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Gifts for your big girl who is still a little girl

As much as I’m a fan of non-gendered toys for kids, my own daughter still loves dolls and pretty baubles.

This will probably be the last year my kid is still into things like dolls and “girl” toys, and I plan on taking full advantage of it. Next year she’ll probably just want things like boring clothes and a cell phone.

Espari dolls


Espari dolls are exclusive to Barnes and Noble, and these 18-inch dolls are totally adorable and beautifully sculpted. You can purchase a wide range of outfits for them separately. (Barnes and Noble, $60) 

Snowflake crown


Perfect for singing about how the cold never bothered her anyway, every girl needs a tiara. (J.Crew, $35) 

Hide-and-Hug Olaf


Speaking of Frozen, this is one of those book sets that would work well for any kid from ages one to 99, because who doesn’t love Olaf and warm hugs? (Barnes and Noble, $27) 

Monster High styling head

Monster High Head

Growing up, I adored my Barbie styling head more than anything and this Monster High version is way cooler. It comes with fake eyelashes, hair extensions, tattoos, different ears and all sorts of spooky, fun accessories. My favorite part is that the head comes in a jar that glows. (Amazon, $37) 

NPW nail art pens

Nail art pens

I love NPW because I think their nail pens are ideal for young kids to manage, and easy to control for creating fun designs. (Amazon, $12) 



I’m not a huge fan of stuffed toys, because I think all they do is collect dust, but I will make an exception for Squishables because they come in cinnamon roll and narwhal designs. (Amazon, $39) 

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