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Police say mom stabbed 10-year-old to death to prevent a life of suffering

A 33-year-old Kansas mom has been charged with killing her 10-year-old son, Caleb.

In a horrific story that has a small town reeling, mom of two Lindsey Nicole Blansett has been accused of bludgeoning her sleeping son with a rock and stabbing him in the chest with a knife. The boy was found wounded in his bed and was pronounced dead just after midnight.

Authorities say Blansett beat and stabbed Caleb to death after the boy had gone to bed for the night. She allegedly told investigators she believed he would lead a life of suffering and that she wanted him to go to heaven that night.

A 9-year-old girl was in the home when Caleb was murdered. She was unharmed and taken into protective custody. She is now living with relatives. According to a fundraising page set up for Caleb’s funeral costs, the father of both children had been trying to gain custody.

Neighbors on the quiet street expressed shock, having never seen warning signs that Blansett might hurt one of her children. Considering the brutal way she reportedly killed her son and the bizarre reason she gave for doing it, it doesn’t seem likely Blansett was acting rationally at the time.

The family has asked for prayers, especially for Caleb’s little sister. The 9-year-old girl’s family has been torn apart, and she faces an uncertain future after losing her brother in such an unexpected, terrible way.

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