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The best cloth diaper cakes you’ve ever seen

You’ve heard of diaper cakes, which are awesome for baby showers, but if the mom-to-be is hoping to cloth diaper, you can totally use those in a cake, too. These cloth diaper cakes will blow your mind.

The thought of a diaper cake may sound strange, but people have been creating them for years, mostly out of disposable diapers. I had one at a work baby shower, in fact, during my third pregnancy. Instead of using diapers, my co-workers created one for me out of layette items such as onesies and baby socks.

Diaper cakes collage

With more and more moms choosing to use cloth diapers, the idea of a cloth diaper cake has really taken off. You don’t want to load up a mom-to-be with disposable diapers if she’s not going to use them, but buying a ton of high-end cloth diapers can get expensive. These ideas for cloth diaper cakes use not only the more expensive types of cloth diapers, but also cheaper options woven in to create truly unique baby shower props that double as incredible, generous gifts.

Here are some of my favorites.

The Eco Chic cloth diaper cake

Image: The Eco Chic

This bold and colorful cloth diaper cake comes from a tutorial on The Eco Chic’s wonderful blog. She used two different types of flat diapers, diaper covers and some themed decorations to create a one-of-a-kind party decoration that is also a smart gift choice for a mom-to-be.

Nature cloth diaper cake

Image: Crystal Waldroff

I adore the nature theme of this cloth diaper cake, which incorporates wipes, Tail Feathers Diapers and tons of adorable decorations that make it really stand out.

Cloth diaper cake from Sunny Stitching

Image: Sunny Stitching

This classic diaper cake incorporates cloth diapers in a sweet, traditional way. Sunny Stitching provides a step-by-step tutorial so you can learn how to beautifully incorporate prefolds, washcloths, towels and other sweet touches to create a gorgeous centerpiece.

Sushi cloth diaper cake

Image: Dirty Diaper Laundry

While not an actual “cake,” this amazing cloth diaper sushi platter is a super creative way to incorporate cloth diapers into a really unique gift. I adore what Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry has done with a few diapers, wipes and other odds and ends.

Cloth diaper cake from 2 Sleeping Babies

Image: 2 Sleeping Babies

This cloth diaper cake from 2 Sleeping Babies incorporates a variety of different cloth diapers and accessories, such as prefolds, covers and fasteners. I love all of the color and patterns in this clever cake, and I’m sure the recipient was over the moon.

Crystal's cloth diaper cake

Image: Rachel Hanan

This cloth diaper cake was created for a friend of mine by Rachel Hanan from Tail Feathers Diapers. Not only did she incorporate the amazing diapers she makes herself, she added plenty of personal touches that make this cloth diaper cake really stand out.

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