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Mom tries to nap, but baby is not having it (VIDEO)

Desperation for sleep seems to be a common theme among parents, and fear of lack of sleep seems to be a common theme among nonparents. This super-persistent — albeit super-adorable — child is doing nothing to help either of those concerns.


For such a cute little person, she’s certainly very calculated and resourceful in her approach. She has a real arsenal of techniques at her disposal. We’re currently trying to decide which of the baby’s moves we like best. We’re quite partial to when she just lies across her mother’s face and neck — that’s textbook right there. We also enjoyed the hair-pulling, the eye-poking and the nose-picking. Are we sure this kid isn’t in the WWE?

One thing is for sure: We respect this baby as a formidable foe. We also respect her mom — for documenting the plight of sleep-deprived parents everywhere and also because we can already tell her daughter is going to be one hell of a teenager.

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