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Horrifying viral video shows mom begging cop to stop beating teen daughter

The latest viral video of a cop’s interaction with a teen girl is one you’ll want to watch sitting down. The video was uploaded to Facebook by a spectator and shows a Mesa, Arizona, police officer brutally attacking a 15-year-old girl as her mother begs her to stop.
This troubling video is even more volatile as it emerged after a grand jury chose not to indict an NYPD officer in Eric Garner’s death. Similar to Garner, the young girl in this video tells the police officer she can’t breathe after being pushed facedown onto the sidewalk.

In the more than one minute video, the loud and violent roadside attack is hard to miss. The teen’s mother is seen pleading with the police officer to stop as she explains that her daughter has mental health issues and asthma. The teen was also believed to be a runaway.

The brutal event was filmed by Luis Paul Santiago, who later stated that the police tried to delete his footage. Santiago instead posted the video to Facebook and encouraged everyone to share, with more than 121,000 shares to date.

Santiago said, “Just watched mesa PD punch a 15 year old girl in the face 2 times she was a runaway is this rely (sic) how we treat emotionally unstable teens? The cops wanted to delete this off my phone share the f**k out of this s**t.”

Santiago added in a comment, “Pretty sad she had asthma that’s why she was kickin like a fish. The cop said the female cop acted correctly and if she needed to she can shoot her dead. .. I was like woooww.” (sic)

According to Santiago, the second officer who arrived at the scene backed up the actions of the first female officer who beat the young girl, saying that she acted according to police procedure. The Mesa Police Department has yet to comment on the video.

It’s heartbreaking to see footage like this as a mother pleads for her daughter’s safety. It’s even more heartbreaking to think about the fact that this could be your son or daughter being publicly and brutally beaten by police.

Parenting isn’t as straightforward as we think it is. Today’s parents are responsible for clothing and feeding their kids, along with showing them disturbing videos like this to teach kids about every real danger out there.

As a parent, you never hope that your child has an encounter with the police. But if they do, pray they are never treated like this.

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