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Most popular names for bad-behaving children (VIDEO)

Despite the experiences of the interviewees, it seems Britney isn’t so toxic after all. She really is just someone who’s not a girl, not yet a woman.


So, it seems, if you’re a parent and you elect to go with a name on the bad-egg child list, you’re really just playing with fire (which, we would like to point out, is something badly behaving children have been known to do).

Full disclosure: If you, personally, find your name on either of the naughty lists, then not only are you getting coal from Santa this year, but we’re also going to need documented evidence that you are, in fact, a nice person before we agree to be friends with you. And if your name is Sophia or Jackson, well, it’s a case of first in, best dressed when it comes to securing our friendship. We can only be friends with so many of you before it just becomes too confusing.

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