Kmart holiday ad features adorable pregnant dancers (VIDEO)

Dec 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. ET
Image: YouTube/Kmart

Kmart is known for their cute and catchy commercials, especially around the holiday season. This year, their Joe Boxer PJ sets are being advertised by pregnant dancers, and it's adorable.


Kmart has done it again. One of their holiday ads for the 2014 Christmas season features five female dancers, and for the first four or five seconds, you think that's just what they are — awesome dancers. Then... they turn to their sides. Pregnant!

These chicks have amazing moves, and the corporation reports that since the women had to appear hugely pregnant, they all had to be in their third trimester for the commercial. That meant that they not only had to find experienced dancers who happened to be pregnant, but they also had to secure a couple replacements in case some of the ladies went into labor and gave birth before filming.

None of them had to drop out to have a baby, which means that for two hugely pregnant moms, they had to learn the dance moves for no good reason at all — hopefully they had fun, anyway! Since the spot was recorded, at least one dancer mom has given birth. What a sweet token these moms have to remember their pregnancies by.

Kmart has a lot to live up to after their Christmas Joe Boxer commercial went viral last year, garnering over 18 million YouTube hits. Will Santa Baby do as well? Only time will tell, but I think it's adorable.

One thing that strikes me as I watch it is that I wish I had been able to move like that in my third trimester during any of my four pregnancies, particularly my last. As it was, the last few weeks of my fourth pregnancy saw me wheeling around my office in a chair because I could barely walk (and the funny thing is that there was probably videotape footage of this, which I'd love to see).

What about you? Could you bust a move when you were weeks away from having your baby?

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