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Watch: Kids share what lessons Annie can teach adults (VIDEO)

Adventurous, fun, exciting and positive — that’s how the Hatch kids described Annie. The classic story of the singing, dancing foster kid who just wants to find her family has been reimagined and brought to the big screen featuring Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.

We asked seven kids what they thought about Annie and her search for family. “I actually think she kind of does have a family,” said one 9-year-old. “All of her friends are kind of her family.”

While the kids loved the connection they felt with Annie, they also felt the movie had some great lessons for adults. One thought: “She taught them how to be more optimistic.”

Watch the video to find out the other lessons Annie taught the adults in her life.

Lead your own discussion about the movie with our Hatch activity and discussion guide.

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