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Real women share how being a new mom changed them

You’ve read the baby books and browsed parenting websites, but sometimes it helps to hear how real moms have adjusted to motherhood.

When it comes to having kids, moms are the real experts, right? We asked SheKnows readers to share how becoming a mom has changed them.

A change in priorities

“Before I had my daughter, I was quite the party animal! Now, my priorities have completely changed. I still like to go out with friends, but I look forward to going back to my little girl, and my perfect night would be spending time with her and my husband, just relaxing together.”

— Heather, mom of Kate, 9 months

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A new body

“I know my body will never be the same again. I may have lost all the weight I gained during pregnancy, but I’m aware of very subtle, permanent changes in my body. My pre-pregnancy clothes fit a little differently, and of course my boobs will never be the same again! It’s no surprise after what my body went through during nine months of pregnancy and then 16 hours of labour. But I wouldn’t want my old, tighter body back. I’m incredibly proud of the part my body played in creating a life, and of course that it managed to bring my son into the world, all by itself.”

— Jenna, mom of Max, 18 months

A boost in emotions

“I’m so much more emotional now than I was before I had my baby. Any commercial featuring a child or a cute puppy, and I’m a wreck. Those pregnancy hormones don’t seem to have gone anywhere!”

— Lissa, mom of Krissie, 8 months

No more sweating the small stuff

“I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. It’s almost as if I’ve gone back to basics. Keeping my baby happy, comfortable, safe and nourished trumps everything else. So although becoming a mom brings with it a whole new world of worrying, I feel as if I’m worrying about stuff that merits it — it’s all about my child’s welfare. It’s quite liberating, in a way.”

— Diane, mom of Taylor, 12 months

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Unexpected body changes

“I remember being a little shocked at everything that was going on downstairs after I gave birth. I was constipated for weeks and suffered from urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids! None of these things were ever discussed in my Lamaze classes! But I soon realized that they are all really common in new moms — they’re just topics most people feel a little embarrassed talking about.”

— Holly, mom of Leanna, 11 months

A new reason to be motivated

“Being a mom has unleashed a rather unexpected, ambitious side of my character. Before I had my twins, I was quite happy in my job, letting others go for promotion and content just to take my paycheque home at the end of the week. Now that I have another two mouths to feed, I know I need to work my ass off to provide the best life for them that I possibly can. Also, I want to be a really great example to my kids. I want them to look at me and think, ‘If she can do it, we can too.'”

— Jessica, mom of Cooper and Cara, 22 months

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