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The best resources on the web for new moms

How did we all cope before the internet? Somehow we did, but there’s no doubt that the World Wide Web makes things so much easier. It’s no surprise that moms make up a large percentage of internet users. The huge amount of information on every aspect of being a new mom — from breastfeeding to dealing with hemorrhoids — means advice and support is at your fingertips 24/7.

Canadian Moms Online

Canadian Moms Online is a friendly resource site for moms, with a community forum that prides itself on being free of spam, strictly monitored and — most important of all — non-judgmental. If you want to meet other moms in your area face to face, then you can join local mom groups online and attend play dates, coffee mornings and other social events.

Perfect for: New moms who feel a bit out of their depth and need friendly reassurance.


BabyCenter is an internationally renowned, award-winning website covering conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. Whatever your concerns after your baby arrives, BabyCenter will have the answer. BabyCenter Canada also has some useful free apps for both iPhone and Android, such as My Baby Today, which includes checklists to keep you organized, informational videos, a daily calendar with advice relevant to your baby’s age and stage of growth and a support system of user-generated content.

Perfect for: Finding answers to all your new-baby questions.

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World Moms Blog

World Moms Blog brings together mothers from over 20 countries to share their stores. It aims to connect moms from all over the globe, promote understanding of what it means to be a mom in different cultures and encourage moms to discuss topics important to them and their babies.

Perfect for: Learning about motherhood across the world and joining a support system for moms who need it the most.

Ironic Mom

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at your kids,” says Leanne Shirtliffe, mom to 9-year-old twins and author of the award-winning blog Ironic Mom. Her funny posts are guaranteed to make you laugh, even when you’re knee-deep in dirty diapers and haven’t washed your hair for a week.

Perfect for: Laughing — it’s the key to surviving motherhood.

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Embrace the Chaos

Mom-of-three Emma Waverman charts her struggle to juggle a busy life on her blog Embrace the Chaos. It’s an engaging, thought-provoking blog, covering everything from how to get your little ones to sleep through the night to children’s health issues.

Perfect for: Tips on how to juggle a new baby with the rest of your life.


Maria Lianos-Carbone’s blog amotherworld contains plenty of useful parenting articles, but its real worth is in its confidence-boosting posts about health, entertainment and fashion. Your baby may have taken over your life, but one day you’ll get some of it back, so you shouldn’t lose sight of the woman you used to be. It’s OK to still care about working out, going out and looking great.

Perfect for: Reminding yourself of your LBB (life before baby).

Cheaper than Therapy

Ali Martell’s blog is beautifully designed and has the virtual effect of a soothing cup of tea. A welcome escape for moms who need a break but who don’t want to pay to sit on the therapist’s chair, Cheaper than Therapy is a little like reading the diary of a friend who’s going through all the stuff you are.

Perfect for: An alternative to real therapy.

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