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Canada Day kids’ collages

Get the little ones involved on Canada Day with a great activity that’ll keep them occupied and in the spirit of the festivities. Making these fun, colourful Canada Day collages is as easy as print, roll and glue.

Amid all your enthusiastic celebrating on Canada Day, don’t forget about little ones with busy hands, who would undoubtedly love some tailored entertaining.

Occupy their little fingers and minds with a great activity that’ll get the youngest members of your household involved in the Canada Day celebrations. All you need is some colourful crepe paper, glue, a printer and creative imaginations unrestricted by age to create three fun Canada Day kids’ collages.

Canada Day kids’ collages

Canada day kids collage | - supplies



1. Cut strips of crepe paper

Canada day kids collage | - step 1

Cut up strips of crepe paper in the colours your kids want to use. Let their imaginations run wild — moose and beavers don’t need to be brown and beige; purple, blue and yellow are all perfectly acceptable colours for them.

2. Crumple crepe paper into balls

Canada day kids collage | - step 2

Roll each strip into a little crepe paper ball. Your kids will probably need quite a few of these, so you might want to help them out by having a few preprepared. Make sure the balls aren’t too big, or it’ll be hard to keep the original shapes in line.

3. Glue pieces of crepe paper

Canada day kids collage | - step 3

Glue the little balls of crepe paper onto the collage templates. Try to get your kids to pick a different colour for each area. For example, 1 colour for the ears, another for the whiskers, another for antlers or teeth but, of course, the right colours for the Canadian flag.

4. Complete all three collages

Canada day kids collage | - step 4

Keep gluing until all the white space has been filled. If your kids are likely to use a lot of glue, then it might be a good idea to reinforce the printout with some cardboard. Once the collages are finished, hang them up as decorations for Canada Day.

Tip: Making the collages can be time consuming. If your kids are unlikely to sit still long enough to finish one, then turn it into a week-long project, or just crepe-paper one or two sections, like the antlers of the moose, the maple leaf and sides of the flag, or the nose, eyes and teeth of the beaver.

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