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Parents to follow on Instagram

Have you ever felt like you’re the only parent who deals with chaos — and not so well? Do you look for the happy in everything and love sharing photos and daily happenings in your life? Photo-sharing platform Instagram is the perfect place to share your joys of parenting as well as the hard times. There are so many fun Instagram feeds of parents sharing their real-life adventures, and we’ve rounded up our favourites.

Instagram picture from danasearsfam

Waiting for the school bus fun. Only two weeks
left of school and then it’s all summer fun!


Life with four boys (and another baby on the way) isn’t always easy, but Dana (@danasearsfam) sure makes it look fun! You’ll find everything from her latest pregnancy cravings to her happy children playing baseball or refusing to sleep — something nearly all parents can relate to. We love that we can get a peek into a real-life family who struggles, perseveres and has fun doing it all.

Instagram picture from babe_chilla

This is how she now likes to watch TV — every day!


If you need a little joy in your life, Brandee’s Instagram feed (@babe_chilla) is where you will find some. This working mom to an adorable “threenager” shares real-mom moments — from taking her scared-looking daughter to the dentist to ice-cream-covered faces and what her working-mom OOTD (outfit of the day) is. We love that we can get a glimpse of a happy girl and a mom as she navigates all the fun and the challenges of raising her family.

Instagram picture from BOREDmommy

My favourite way to chronicle our days is to
incorporate a little fun into every picture.


If you want to see how parenting really can be a joy, head over to Maria’s Instagram feed (@BOREDMommy). She and her kids are always on some adventure, whether that’s finding a “Please don’t be mad at me” note from one of her kids on her computer and realizing that’s why she has grey hair or listening to her child’s costume choice over breakfast. We love that they all seem to infuse “happy” into even the most typical things, and it makes us want to smile.

Instagram picture from tamarataggart

Her beautiful family!


If you’ve ever wanted a look into a news anchor’s real life, Tamara (@TamaraTaggart) shares it all. She posts amazing pictures of her three adorable children and chronicles their adventures — from a mother-daughter dance party to behind-the-scene shots from her job at the news desk. We have fallen in love with her whimsical life photos and the happiness that radiates through each.

Instagram picture from annacdotes



Anna (@annacdotes) has gorgeous children who have a real spirit for life, which is evident in her photos. From her daughter’s “full-ballerina mode” just before bedtime to the cute notes her 6-year-old leaves for the family, Anna’s photos are bound to bring you smile after smile. We love that she shares all her family’s fun adventures and makes us want to turn around and hug our kids.

Instagram picture amotherworld

Goofing around with the 6-year-old.


She’s a mom of two, has met Oprah, tackled rollerblading, can touch her tongue to her nose and shares photos all along the way. Maria’s Instagram feed (@amotherworld) is full of happy and fun kid moments, and her sharing her life as a mom shows us that yes, parents can and do have fun. We love that she can capture the beauty in everything from flowers to food to her kids playing hockey as she cheers them on.

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