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5 Things your family can do for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by getting the whole family involved. Here are five awesome activities to help everyone go green and have a blast doing it as a family.

Family playing basketball


Go tech free

This one might seem like a challenge for teens and parents alike, but a full 24 hours without television, smartphones, tablets, computers and other tech goodies will not only conserve energy but help bring you all closer. Take the opportunity to, for example, play board games together, go to the park to play a friendly game of football or soccer or play charades. The idea is to find something you can do as a family. You might be surprised by how much fun everyone has interacting with one another without the disturbances of phones ringing and emails coming in. Plus it’s a good start to going green.


Plant a garden


Head to the store, and let each child choose one or two vegetable plants. Parents can choose a few too. Go home, and spend the day planting your very own garden, which will soon be filled with fresh food for your family. Bonus: One fun activity can turn into a summer of fun for the whole family. If you don’t have room to plant a garden, get small potted vegetable plants, like cherry tomatoes, and watch your organic food grow. Children love this activity, and it’s a healthy way for everyone to enjoy fresh food this summer.


Pick up litter

While garbage-hunting might seem like an activity no one will enjoy, it can actually be quite fun. Be sure to get rubber gloves for everyone, then head to your local park or anywhere in your neighbourhood, and pick up obvious, non-hazardous litter, such as paper, candy wrappers and empty bottles. There are three benefits to this activity: working on a project together as a family, cleaning up the area and teaching your children the importance of Earth Day and of sticking to your commitments, no matter how messy they might seem.



Recycling isn’t limited to paper and plastic. While traditional recycling should be a part of your lives already, don’t forget to recycle old items around the house too. With your children, go through everyone’s closets to look for old toys, clothes, shoes, etc. Put everything in a bag, and walk to your nearest Goodwill drop-off. This will teach your children the importance of helping others as well as our planet. Plus it’s an excuse to spend time together and take a nice walk outdoors.


Turn out the lights


Instead of wasting electricity, opt for a candlelit dinner instead, or have dinner outside with plenty of candles for roasting marshmallows for dessert. Sometimes the simplest activities can be loads of fun for the whole family. This is a great time to focus on nothing other than one another, and it’s a fabulous way to save power.

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