Best apps for moms

Reap the benefits of the modern age. If you need help staying on task, organized, on budget or just calm, there’s an app for that, and we will help you find it.

Note app logo

Awesome Note

The ultimate organization tool for any mom! You’ve got your to-do lists, notes, checklists, alarms, calendars that can be synced with anything and everything… Awesome Note ($4) will help you keep track of your weekly menus, set up a routine, be on time to your kid’s soccer game and send your spouse the grocery list for dinner — now that’s organized. Of course, you will also never have any excuses, so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

Dinner Spinner app logoDinner Spinner

Pressed for time and forgot to plan out a meal? No problem; Dinner Spinner has your back. This little app allows you to browse through a wide selection of recipes for a dinner party. Or if you’re really unprepared, you can narrow the pool of choices based on items you have on hand. Easy to use, easy to follow, with incredible yet simple recipes. You can either download this puppy for free or upgrade to the Pro version for $3. Either way, this one is a winner!

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Mint app logoMint

This little app must have been crafted by the angels of finance, because it is divine. Mint allows you to keep complete track of your finances by giving balance updates for your bank and credit card accounts. You can also create several budgets for particular expenditures, such as clothes, coffee, lunches, etc., so you will never spend beyond your means. This bad boy will keep you in line and organized, and the best part is that it’s free.

WebMD app logoWebMD

No need to run to the doctor every time your kid sneezes; just check the symptoms on this handy app. When you have a kid, every symptom seems dramatic and lethal, but that’s not even remotely close to the truth. Instead of dragging your little one to the clinic every other day, keep this free app close by to check out symptoms. It’s easy to use and offers useful recommendations.

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