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5 TV show moms we love

There are a lot of great moms out there, though of course, none of them beat our own. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we showcase some super-cool TV show moms who radiate warmth and love every time we catch them on the small screen.

Collage from The Big C, Modern Family, Parenthood, Cougar Town and Gilmore Girls


Kristina Braverman — Parenthood

This tough and beautiful mama definitely puts the “brave” in the family name “Braverman.” She’s dealt with a surprise pregnancy, raising a son with Asperger syndrome, guiding a teen daughter through adolescence and even the life-altering experience of breast cancer — all while doing her best to keep a brave face. If you’re looking for an emotionally real and refreshingly honest portrayal of what it means to be a wife and mother, that’s exactly what you’ll get every time you tune in to an episode of Parenthood and catch Kristina doing whatever it takes to keep her family happy and together.


Lorelai Gilmore — Gilmore Girls

If you ask any girl who grew up while Gilmore Girls was in its prime what they thought of Lorelai Gilmore, there’s a very good chance she’ll express that she, at one time or another, wished Lorelai was her mother. After having her daughter, Rory, at the age of 16, Lorelai worked tirelessly to raise her baby girl properly and ensure their close relationship. She’s smart, quirky, funny, relatable and downright lovable. The adorable series is no longer in production, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch the show in syndication or on DVD and fall in love with this unique mom.

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Claire Dunphy — Modern Family

Claire’s unrelenting dedication to order and rule-following does drive her family crazy a good chunk of the time, but when push comes to shove, the Dunphys wouldn’t do very well without their organized, driven and dedicated mom. She might be the butt of their jokes from time to time, but the Dunphys truly love and appreciate their quirky, over-the-top mother — and you will too.


Cathy Jamison — The Big C

What would you do if you were suddenly diagnosed with terminal melanoma? Perhaps you wouldn’t get up to all the wild and humorous antics Cathy Jamison chooses to pursue, but you’ll definitely appreciate the honest and often comedic quality of her choices. Trying to deal with cancer, raise a rebelling teenage son and address a marriage that isn’t quite working could make for a depressing storyline, but this clever show tells a different story: one of trying to find the comedy in even the most challenging situations. Tuning in to see what crazy exploits Cathy will get involved in during this confusing time in her life is always a fresh and insightful experience.


Jules Cobb — Cougar Town

Finding yourself single and in your 40s after years spent married and raising a son wouldn’t be easy on anyone. But rather than sitting in confusion and pity, Jules soldiers on and seeks out new (and often hilarious) ways to make sense of who she is and what she wants. Tune in to catch Jules’ many comical antics as she juggles love, aging, parenthood, work, friendships and more.

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