March break family fun: New board games you should try

Board games can be great for family bonding. We’ve gathered a few new board games you should try this spring break.

apples to apples junior

Apples to Apples Junior

Apple to Apples Junior is a kids’ version of the popular party game. This game is designed for ages 9 and up and will help children practice their reading skills. Apples to Apples Junior will also help your child learn new words and practice thinking creatively. Players are dealt red apple cards, each containing a characteristic. Each person takes a turn at being a judge, flipping over a green apple card that contains a noun. Players choose a red apple card from their hand to combine with the green apple card, and the judge awards a point to the best combination.

suspend game


Melissa & Doug is a popular name in toys and has recently expanded into board games with Suspend. This game, which comes with 24 wire pieces and a wooden stand, is designed for one to four players, 8 years and older. Players take turns rolling a coloured die and choosing a wire piece that matches the colour rolled. They must then add this piece to the wooden stand, being careful to balance it so the sculpture doesn’t fall over. Suspend is good for developing hand-eye coordination and promoting thinking skills.

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scribblish game


Scribblish is a game by Cranium designed for four to six players, 8 years and older. The game, which is similar to the childhood game of telephone, requires players to read a caption. One person begins to draw an image to represent the caption. After 30 seconds, the paper is passed to the next person, who builds on this drawing. Once the drawings have made their way around the table, players have to guess which drawing was theirs to begin with. Scribblish is a fun game that helps kids practice their reading skills and their ability to think quickly.

blurt board game


Blurt! is designed for three or more players who are 7 and older. Players take turns reading clues aloud, and the other players try to guess the word corresponding to the clue. The first person to yell out the word gets to move their pawn around the game board. This game is great for families because up to 12 people can play, and players don’t need to wait for their turn to participate. Blurt! helps with vocabulary development and allows children to practice reading.

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