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Best ways to hide veggies in your kids’ meals

Do you have some picky eaters on your hands you just can’t convince to eat their veggies? It’s easy to ensure kids get all the vitamins and minerals they need when you hide their vegetables in these clever ways.

woman cooking for her kids

A little puree goes a long way


Your food processor will be your best friend when you’re trying to get your kids to eat more vegetables. Think about it: Even we, as adults, blend protein powders and leafy greens into our smoothies because the flavours merge so well, we can barely tell what’s in there anymore.

Are your kids big pasta lovers? Well, rather than using a simple tomato sauce that provides them with only one vegetable, create a sauce that gives them a whole bunch. Begin by sautéeing handfuls of onions, carrots and broccoli in a large pan. You can even add in mushrooms, zucchini and spinach closer to the end of the cooking time. Once the vegetables are tender, pour in the tomato sauce, and let everything warm together. Then transfer the mixture to a food processor, and blend away. You’ll have a healthy sauce that can be used on everything from spaghetti to lasagna — and your kids won’t be the wiser.

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Bury vegetables in their favourite dishes

cauliflower and broccoli isolated

There are certain dishes you can count on most kids loving. For instance, how do your little ones feel about mashed potatoes and peas? If the answer is they love them, then we have a healthy alternative to suggest. Rather than using starchy potatoes, substitute with cooked cauliflower to make this scrumptious mashed “potatoes” and peas. Or if it’s macaroni and cheese they can’t get enough of, check out this clever mac and cheese recipe. Your kids will never guess it’s loaded with carrots and mushrooms, but you’ll know. And that means you can sleep a little more soundly with the knowledge that your little ones are getting all the nutrients they need.

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In baked goods


What child doesn’t love waking up to a fresh batch of pancakes or muffins? Virtually none. That’s because baked goods are sweet and delicious — and often considered a bit of an indulgence. So while you’re little ones are thinking they’re getting a real treat as they chow down on these chocolate zucchini muffins, you’ll know all the nutritious goodness their bodies are getting. And when snack time rolls around, serve up these zucchini and carrot cookies for an extra nutritional boost.

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