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Our favourite mom pinners to follow on Pinterest

For a mother, Pinterest can be a useful tool for keeping track of everything from home improvements to favourite recipes, and these mom pinners use this remarkable tool to its full potential. Be prepared to be inspired!

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Crystal Paine

Crystal is the budgetary genius behind Money Saving Mom, and her Pinterest boards are every bit as informative and captivating as her blog. Not only does she share tips on making money, saving money and spending less wherever possible, but she also shares plenty of other mommy tips, ranging from home decor to recipe ideas.

Must-see board: Educational Freebies

Amy Morrison

If you’re looking for pregnancy advice, then you must check out Amy Morrison’s Pinterest boards. She is the witty and frank mastermind behind Pregnant Chicken, and her humorous honesty is what makes her Pinterest boards so unique. You’ll find lots of maternity fashions, cute baby photos and mommy tips here, but you’ll also get a welcome dose of hilarity.

Must-see board: Bad Ass Baby Stuff

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As a full-time working mom of three, Merry at Merry with Children knows all about hectic days. But no matter how busy she gets, she still manages to carve out a little time to create incredible pin boards. If you’re looking for new recipes to try out, she has plenty to share.

Must-see board: Sweets!

Mama Kat

When you need a break from worrying about daycare, after-school activities and homework, take a load off by checking out Mama Kat’s pin boards. Mama Kat — or Kathy — is a mom of three and the hilarious brain behind Mama’s Losin’ It. Her boards are unique, eclectic and just plain entertaining.

Must-see board: Really? You pinned that?

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Dee from Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House has assembled an amazing collection of DIY ideas, home improvement plans and tasty dishes on her Pinterest boards. She also has fun boards for just about every major holiday, so if you want to transform your home and get your little ones excited about a special event, you’re sure to find inspiration here.

Must-see board: Snack & Lunch Ideas

Ashley Johnston

Ashley shares so many creative tutorials on her blog Make It & Love It, and that same artistic genius shines through her many Pinterest boards. Whether you want to throw your little one a really special birthday party, take on a fun family activity or simply improve the vibe of the home you all live in, you’ll find some excellent ideas here.

Must-see board: Kids

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