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6 Ways to celebrate family day

Want to make Family Day extra special this year? Plan an activity that’s fun for everyone. Here are six ideas that will have the whole family celebrating all day.

family eating breakfast

Family Day is one holiday that doesn’t require gifts, cards, candy or toil in the kitchen. It’s all about spending quality time as a family and celebrating however you want. We share six creative ideas for family play. No one will be bored — we promise!


Enjoy a special breakfast

If you have only a few extra minutes in the morning, cut slices of toast and red fruits like apple or watermelon with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, or bake a batch of muffins a day or two in advance. Make them heart shaped by sticking a marble into each muffin cup outside the paper liner. If you’ve got all morning, treat your kids to a sweet spread that suits their tastes. Make French toast kebabs, or prepare a DIY oatmeal sundae bar with a choice of toppings.


Take it outside

How often do you get to play in the snow with your kids? Bundle up and set out into the cold for an outdoor extravaganza. If there’s snow where you live, take advantage of the natural landscape by going tobogganing or by building a snow fort or a snowman as a team. (These last two activities will make for great family photo ops!.) If not, make like it’s spring, and play hopscotch on your driveway, stage a scavenger hunt in your backyard, or go for a hike.

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Make a collaborative craft

Creating a masterpiece you can proudly display in your house will serve as a daily reminder of your togetherness. Print out some family photos, superimpose them on card stock, and embellish them with crafty decor. If you’re a super-creative crew, start a family project like a scrapbook or a windowsill garden. Decide what you’d like to do together — the sky is the limit.


Read a book together

Curl up on the couch with a book, and read out loud. The more pictures the book has, the better. This makes for a more interactive experience than a movie night, and your kids will get to experience how exciting books can be from start to finish. If your kids are just learning to read, choose a book at their level so you can pass it around and have each one read a page.

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Write love letters

Sit down with your kids and write (or draw!) postcards to family members — aunts, uncles, Grandma and Grandpa — to tell them how much they’re loved. Pretty them up with stickers and stamps, and take them to the mailbox together, or hand-deliver them.


Start a tradition

Since Family Day is so new a holiday, feel free to create your own tradition. It can be anything you and your family want. Simply reliving family memories through home videos and photo albums or telling stories from the vault over dinner are great places to start.

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