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Little ways to show your kids how important they are

Of course you know how important your kids are to you, but do they know it too? Maybe not as much as you’d like. We share some simple, everyday ways you can show your little ones just how much they matter.

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Surprise them

Big or small, surprises are loved by kids of all ages. Putting a special treat in your son’s lunch box or bringing home a book from the library your daughter’s been asking about shows you’re thinking of them. And surprises don’t have to always come in the form of gifts. Offering to play a game with them or to read them a story at night will be welcome invitations they didn’t expect. Plus, seeing the joy on little ones’ faces when they’re surprised is a treat for you too, so it’s a win-win outcome for everyone.

Have a weekly family date

Consistency is one of the major building blocks of any relationship, and this is particularly true where kids are involved. Although surprises are fun ways to show you care, setting up a weekly date kids can look forward to on a regular basis is also important. This can be as simple as getting special treats from a local bakery every Saturday or going for a walk to the park each Sunday afternoon. Something small that symbolizes your togetherness as a family will mean a lot.

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Keep your promises

Abiding by what you say you will do is one of the most important ways to show your kids how valuable they are. That said, it isn’t always easy to do. Work, errands and other commitments can all get in the way of attending each and every dance recital or soccer game. But the more you manage to be there for your kids’ achievements, the more they’ll be reassured they’re important to you. And for those times when something comes up and you can’t be there, acknowledging the fact and showing your disappointment about missing out on something they were doing will go a long way.

Share in their interests

Is your child going through a phase where all she can talk about is hockey or rock formations or a particular TV show? When kids fall in love with something, they fall hard and fast. It’s understandable you might not want to hear the same Wayne Gretzky facts several times a day, but putting that aside and showing interest in your child’s interests will say a lot. So ask questions, pick up related knick-knacks you think they’ll appreciate, and take part in an activity they enjoy.

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What will you do today to show your kids how much you care? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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