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Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids

Feb. 14 is a day to celebrate love — all kinds of love. Although rose petals, candles and romance might have been the way you spent your Valentine’s Day in years past, if you have little ones now, here’s how to get them involved in the joys of the day.

family celebrating valentine's day

Although Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about showing those you love how much you care, it’s easy to feel a little pressure around this time of year. Kids might worry they won’t get a card from a friend they care about or that they might be excluded from gift giving in some way.

So to ensure your kids know Feb. 14 is about more than just chocolates and flowers, take part in a fun activity together that will show them what’s truly important. There’s no greater gift than that of unconditional love, and this is the perfect time to show it.

Do a craft together

There’s an abundance of craft ideas worth trying out for any given holiday, and Feb. 14 is no different. But rather than setting up a craft station and leaving your kids to it, take on a project together this Valentine’s Day. Short on ideas? Check out these fun Valentine’s Day kids’ crafts. Working on a creative project together is a great way to show your kids you’re interested in what they’re doing and want to be a part of it. And showing special people how much you love them is what this holiday is all about!

Have a family date night

Having kids doesn’t mean you have to give up the fun of a date night on Valentine’s Day. Kids love a special night out as much as you do, so why not make this Feb. 14 a family affair? To make the evening different from any other, get them a small gift (such as a hair band or tie) they can show off when they go out and then treasure as a memento for years to come. Getting all dressed up as a family and enjoying a night of good food, good conversation and good company can be a blissful way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Make a special dinner as a team

As human beings, we do a lot of socializing through the help of food. But when things get hectic, it’s likely you end up cooking alone in the kitchen, and sometimes everyone is so busy you don’t even manage to sit down as a family when dinnertime comes. Make an effort to change that this Valentine’s Day by working together to create a special meal. Little kids can help out with the washing of vegetables, while older children can set to work measuring and combining ingredients. There’s a job for every member of the family. Cooking as a family can be a great bonding experience, which makes it a wonderful way to spend the day and celebrate all the love in your life.

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Valentine’s Day is about so much more than dollar store cards and heart-shaped candy. And when you show your kids that from an early age, they’ll go on to look at Feb. 14 as a time to show everyone they love how much they care — and that’s the best gift of all.

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