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Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids

The vibrant reds and pinks that go along with Valentine’s Day make it the perfect occasion to get kids crafting. And with these fun and festive craft projects, it’s easier than ever to get little ones excited about doing something creative.

valentine's day heart lantern

Valentine’s heart lanterns

Decorating your home for each and every holiday doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This February, get your family together, and work as a team to create these Valentine’s heart lanterns, invented by Ashley at Crunchy Frugalista. Display them around your home to add a Valentine’s theme to your entire space. Your kids will have a blast showing off the ones they made themselves to anyone who walks through the door!

dough hearts

Cinnamon salt dough hearts

Do your kids have some dear friends for whom a simple dollar store card won’t do? Then we have a solution for you! Rather than giving a generic, impersonal gift, load up few Mason jars with chocolate, candy and other special treats, and then work with your little ones to create these adorable cinnamon salt dough hearts, designed by Laura and Angela at About a Mom. It’s an easy project kids of all ages can get involved in and have fun with, and at the end of it your kids will have some special gifts to offer their friends with the pride that comes only from creating something yourself.

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pom pom wreath

Pompom wreath

Has your front door been looking a little empty since you took down your Christmas wreath? Heidi at Honeybear Lane has the answer! Check out how she created this fun and easy Valentine’s pompom wreath. You won’t believe how simple it is to put together this lovely piece of decor! Very young children will need your assistance with the hot glue, but they’ll certainly have a ton of fun helping with the pompom application! After all, what kid doesn’t love pompoms?

felt bracelets

Felt bracelets

Once your little girl has gotten the hang of basic sewing skills, it might be time to have her try creating these sweet and simple felt bracelets from Holiday Crafts and Creations. She can adorn her own wrists with them come Feb. 14, or offer them to her friends as unique, one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gifts.

felt candy hearts

Felt candy hearts

If your son or daughter is a little tired of the typical painting or gluing crafts and is ready for a new challenge, check out these felt candy hearts from the Purl bee. Sewing is such a useful skill, and this simple craft is a great way to get kids started. Plus, presenting their friends with gifts of candies tucked into these cute little handmade containers will be something they can take great pride in.

googly eye garland

Googlie-eyed heart garland

Making garlands is an easy holiday craft for kids of all ages. Plus, hanging garlands is a quick and simple way to add little pops of festive decor all over your home. This googlie-eyed heart garland by Melissa at no. 2 pencil is so unique and sweet, and the steps to make it are incredibly simple, which means even very young children can get excited about taking part!

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valentine's day play dough

Colourful playdough

Unfortunately a lot of great Valentine’s crafts are too complex for little hands, but that doesn’t mean wee ones can’t get in on the crafting fun as well! Janice at Learning 4 Kids created this colourful and fun Valentine’s Day playdough that’s great for kids of all ages. In fact, we can’t wait to get to rolling, twisting and shaping it ourselves!

valentine's day heart garland

Fabric Valentine’s hearts garland

Sometimes the crafts your kids make at school fall apart soon after they arrive home and don’t get to sit on display for very long. But that can change with the help of this pretty fabric Valentine’s hearts garland by Jessica at How About Orange. This is one well-crafted and attractive piece of decor you and your kids will be proud to show off for years to come!

Happy crafting!

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