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Roll like a royal: The 411 on strollers

Kate Middleton has set the baby trends in motion this year, so let’s get to it. Here is your guide to buying a baby stroller, from safety to keeping it royal.

woman walking with stroller

Everyone loves Kate Middleton: fact. So when the Duchess of Cambridge announced her pregnancy, royal baby trends were born. Cue the trumpets of divinity. Since we live in a consumerist heaven, the commoner now has many options for heightening their Kate Middleton pregnancy experience — like Middleton-esque maternity clothes, royal baby clothes, knick-knacks and, of course, strollers.

While we support all royal fads, let’s not get carried away. If you’re looking to buy a baby stroller, consider your options from all angles. Learn all the safety requirements, and then choose the one the duchess herself would tote her babe in.

Keep it safe

Before you even start your stroller hunt, you must know what you’re looking for. Infants are fragile, so keep in mind that the stroller of your dreams must keep that little bundle not only safe but cozy as well.


Your stroller of choice should have a relatively wide base, as that will minimize the chances of it ever tipping over. If you want a stroller with a basket, look for one that is low. This will help stabilize the baby carriage.

Safety features

The ideal stroller should have a seat belt, and all fancy add-ons should have locks — no flimsy, flapping thingamabobs. The stroller should also have easy-to-operate brakes that should be positioned well out of reach from your baby (nobody wants that kind of accident).

Finding “the one”

Now that you know the important safety business, get out there, and have a look around.

Test spin

Like a car, your baby carriage should be taken for a test drive. Oftentimes a stroller might seem easy to manoeuvre at first, but once it’s loaded with an infant and all the baby baggage, it becomes an uncontrollable beast on little wheels. Let’s avoid that, yes? Bring some weights — or your baby — with you, and test out the puppy right there in the store. Try to push it around with one hand; if you can do it with ease, the stroller’s a keeper.

Easy fold

Picture this: You are on the phone with baby’s daddy, juggling the diaper bag, the baby and the car keys, and folding a stroller — all at the same time. Sounds magical, no? While you’re in the store, try folding each of your stroller contenders. Better yet, try folding them with one hand. The one you want is the one that doesn’t present a challenge or involve heroic acrobatics.


Yes, you would like the best of the best for your baby, but if you’re thinking of skipping a few meals for a year or so as a way to purchase a luxurious stroller, stop right there! Affordable, safe options for your baby can always be found; you don’t have to sell your organs to get one. The one you ultimately select might not be diamond-studded and made of gold, but it will still serve you well.

Rollin’ like a royal

Gotta keep up with Kate! Here’s our roundup of stroller options worthy of a royal.

Baby Cargo Series 300 Eclipse. It’s a beautiful blue colour, sleek, compact — what’s not to love? This puppy is easy to clean and protects the little one from the rain. The royal couple is in step with the times, so this stroller would surely suit them. To top it off, it’s affordable, retailing for $200 at your local Sears.

Graco FastAction Fold LX Travel System. Ah, convenience… What a glorious thing it is! This bad boy comes with a stroller and a car seat — bam! With the promise of a “one-second fold,” this stroller is definitely love at first sight. Rocking a blue hue (inline with the royal house!), easy to maintain, compact and adorable… Even Kate Middleton would not be able to resist the charms of this set! Sold at a Walmart near you for a doable price of $323.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3. We had to have at least one of these beauties on the list. The revival of the pram — which comes in a royal blue but boasts all the safety advancements of the modern age — is a perfect royal-baby-toting vehicle. What’s even better is that it’s easy to fold, and it readily converts from a baby carriage to an upright stroller, so you can keep this one for the entire baby transporting age. This pretty thing does come with a hefty price tag, though, retailing for $1,070 at Snuggle Bugz.

There you have it! Choose your stroller wisely — that’s what Kate Middleton would do, after all.

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