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Baby gifts fit for a royal couple

You might not be close enough to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to warrant giving them a baby gift for their first child, but if someone else in your life is expecting, there’s no reason to not give them the royal treatment.

William and Kate
Reagan Quilt

Personalized bunny quilt

The special baby in your life might not be able to put his or her name on an entire country, but a new baby should be tucked into a cozy quilt that’s all his or her own. This adorable Reagan quilt is made of organic cotton fabrics and features darling watercolour-styled bunnies (, $186). Its neutral tones make it ideal for boys and girls alike, and for a small fee it can be personalized with the little one’s name and birthdate.

Circular Crib

Circular crib

Every baby deserves a place to sleep that’s worthy of royalty, so if you want to give your friend’s new bundle of joy a regal crib, check out this Dream On Me Sophia Posh circular crib (, $400). It’s a pricier gift option, but if you think the new parents will love putting their little one to sleep in it, get a few friends to chip in on the purchase.

BoB revolution Stroller

Jogging stroller

If a mom in your life has definite shape-up plans post-pregnancy, she’ll greatly appreciate a stroller that makes spending time with her baby while running a little easier. This BOB Revolution SE stroller (, $380) will help new moms jog their way to better fitness while taking their little ones along for the ride. Plus, it’s stylish to boot, and its rich plum colour will have both mom and baby looking like royalty!

My First Anywhere Chair

Cozy chair

The baby in your life might not have royal blood but can still be master of his or her own little kingdom in a cozy chair. My First Anywhere chair (, $99) is perfect for little ones aged 1 to 3 who want their own special place to sit. And if there’s any doubt as to who owns this little plot of land, the chair can be personalized with the toddler’s name. He or she will feel like royalty in this comfortable, attractive “throne”!

Pewter rattle

Cheap baby knick-knacks eventually get tossed once little ones grow out of them, but a special token that marks a child’s birth will remain valued for years to come. This pewter dumbbell rattle (, $86), for example, is a beautiful piece that can be engraved to commemorate the day the couple’s special bundle of joy arrived. It’s sure to be treasured for life.

Pewter Dumbell Rattle

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