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Throw your daughter a perfect girlie birthday slumber party

Every little girl wants to have a memorable birthday party. But you don’t have to spend a fortune renting out a hall or going to an arcade to ensure she has a good time. This year, throw her a spectacular girlie slumber party she’ll never forget.

girls sleepover birthday party

Slumber parties are a fun way for girls of all ages to spend their birthdays. Girls under 10 can enjoy themselves crafting and watching their favourite Disney films, while teens might prefer a scary movie night and a makeup tutorial. No matter her age or interests, you can plan a party that will delight your daughter and all her friends.

Send out clear invites

As fun as it can be to surprise kids with what will happen at a party, it’s important that children and parents are prepared for a sleepover. So make sure the invites indicate clearly when the party begins and ends and what they’ll need to bring. If you don’t have enough sleeping supplies to go around, ask kids to bring a pillow, mat and blanket or sleeping bag. Make sure they know to bring their best sleepwear. Also make sure you invite only the number of guests you can comfortably host. If you have a small space, stay under four invites, while for a larger space you might be able to handle six or seven.

Load up on sweet treats and healthy goodies

Food is an important component of any birthday party, especially where a sleepover is concerned. Set up a buffet of treats that kids can nibble on throughout the night in the TV room. All kids love chocolate, candy and chips, so grab some of your daughter’s favourites at the local bulk food store. And to make sure they have some healthy options as well, set up a vegetable tray, fruit bowl and plain popcorn sprinkled with olive oil and salt. For their main meal, consider something that makes for a fun activity, such as do-it-yourself mini pizzas.

Create a communal sleeping area

When regular guest sleeps over, of course you want to set them up in a nice, comfy bed. But for a slumber party, most kids are happier to sleep all together in one room. So building the best sleeping area is as simple as making the floor of the family room a little bit cozier. If you have an inflatable air mattress, that will be perfect for a couple of people. You can also pull cushions off your couches and arrange them on the floor. If all that doesn’t seem to be enough, ask the parents of your daughter’s friends to supply a mat for their child. Then load up the room with blankets and pillows. But don’t stress too much over it. You might feel the effects of a night spent on the floor for days after, but kids are resilient. They’ll be too busy having fun to notice their harder-than-usual sleeping arrangement.

Pick out some stellar entertainment

No slumber party is complete without the right board gamesentertainment, and this is where your daughter’s expertise will come in handy. Do she and her friends prefer romantic comedies or action flicks? Would they rather play board games or do their nails? After all, it is her birthday, so let her come up with a few ways she’d like to spend the night with her friends. Even if she doesn’t get to all the activities she had planned, at least the options will be available to her.

Make simple gift bags

If you have a little money left in your budget, sending the girls home with small gifts is a lovely touch. If having fun with makeup was part of the night’s events, give each of them a small bottle of nail polish. Or if they spent the night making jewellery, offer them mini beading kits you can pick up at your local dollar store. A small token is a great way to remind them of just how much fun they had at your daughter’s birthday.

Work together

The best part about having a slumber party is that it can be totally customized to how your little girl wants to spend it. So let her take the reigns from time to time, and work together to plan a perfect, unforgettable birthday slumber party!

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