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10 Surprising perks of being pregnant

Morning sickness, back pain, the newly discovered acid reflux — all parts of pregnancy we’d like to forget. Despite the downsides, there are still tons of perks to being pregnant. We share just a few so you can start enjoying your pregnancy right now.

pregnant woman in nursery


Well, hello there, cleavage!

If your breasts have always been less than satisfactory, in your opinion, then prepare for one of the best pregnancy perks of all — perky ladies! Not only do your breasts get larger, but their shape rounds off, and they definitely give you the va-va-voom factor you’ve always dreamed of.


Blame it on hormones

Your hormones will take control of your actions from time to time. You might say something you don’t mean or be unnecessarily rude to your partner. The beauty of pregnancy is that you won’t be held responsible for your outbursts.


Royal treatment

For an entire nine months, everyone around you will be at your beck and call. And you’d be wise to graciously accept, because once the little one arrives, you’ll be the one at his or her beck and call. Plus, no one wants to upset a pregnant woman. Aside from doing you favours, others will also make a real effort to not argue with you. That means even your nosy mother-in-law will have to be kind to you and agree with whatever you say.


Bye-bye, body hair!

OK, this doesn’t happen to every woman, but usually razorpregnancy hormones delay hair growth on the body. That means your legs, underarms and other areas will be smoother for longer — great news considering how difficult shaving can get when your belly extends past your feet!


Welcome voluminous hair

While growth of your body hair is stunted, the growth and volume of the hair on your head tends to get better. Pregnancy can make hair grow much quicker, making it easier to get rid of split ends. It can also make hair shinier, thicker and give it more body.


Get the perfect manicure

Finally those stubby nails are going to grow. Pregnancy fortifies nails, making them stronger and more resilient. Plus, they grow quicker, so you can go all out on a manicure. And with everyone helping you out so much, you won’t even have to worry about chipping them by doing dishes.


Increased libido

Your belly might be way bigger than you’ve ever seen it, but your libido is telling you to ignore that and get sexy. Many women experience a boost in their sex life once morning sickness is behind them. Embrace the curvier, sexier you, and enjoy your very active libido with your man. (This one is a bonus for both of you.)


Eat, eat and eat some more

While you should never overeat and definitely need to eat healthily, you don’t have to feel bad about putting on weight. This may very well be the only time in your life when you can forget what the scale says. Just make sure you satisfy your appetite with good foods for both you and baby.


Clearer skin

While the first trimester does pretty much the opposite, your skin should be glowing and zit-free for the rest of your pregnancy. Many women claim their usual acne disappeared during pregnancy and they looked better than ever. For once, you won’t need to pile on the concealer to get that gorgeous glow.


You’re growing a baby!

Finally, the best pregnancy perk of all — despite the discomforts along the way — is that this is the most beautiful time in your life. You are the one who feels your baby move. You are the one who feels that maternal connection before he or she even arrives. And you are the one who will give that child life. Men may have a life free of bikini waxes and child-bearing, but only you can give your baby life.

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