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Royal baby names from around the world

Now that we know Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their first child, there’s plenty of speculation as to what the baby’s name will be.

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If you want to give your little one a royal title as well, we’ve gathered some of the best royal baby names for you to choose from.

Considering that William and Kate’s baby could eventually be the king or queen of England, it’s understandable they might be feeling a bit of pressure to pick the right name. Fortunately for you, however, all you have to worry about is picking a name you like and feel your child will be proud to carry throughout his or her life. What do you think of these royal names?


The people of Britain are big fans of traditional names when it comes to their kings and queens, so they’ve continued to use the same ones for centuries. If you’re expecting a baby boy, the most common names throughout history are Henry and Edward, but you can also consider George, William, John, Richard, Philip or James. And if a little girl is on the way, you can name her after one of two of the country’s best-known female monarchs, Elizabeth or Victoria. Other beautiful English royalty names include Anne, Jane, Catherine and Mary.


Opting for a French baby name is a charming way to add a special touch to your little one’s title while still having it remain recognizable to most people. Some common names of French kings are Louis, Robert, Philippe, Jean and Napoleon. Other French names can be anglicized if desired. Hugues, for example, can become Hugh, and François can become Francis. Though women weren’t permitted to rule outright in France, the kings’ wives or “queens consort,” as they were known as, had some beautiful names, such as Marie, Beatrice, Adélaïde, Eugénie, Adèle, Isabelle, Jeanne and Blanche.


As are most royalty, today’s monarchs of Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark hold primarily ceremonial positions. But for centuries they’ve been given strong, authoritative names to help them exercise their rule. So if you want to give your little one a name that will inspire confidence, Scandinavian royalty is one place to look to. Common kings’ names have been Kristian, Magnus, Fredrik, Erik, Gustav, Christoffer and Karl. And although fewer queens have ruled, they’ve carried striking titles as well, such as Margareta (or Margrethe), Kristina and the most unique of all, Ulrika Eleonora.


The great thing about Spanish names is that they’re familiar to some degree but are also a little bit exotic. Some of the kings of Spain were Juan, Carlos, Alfonso, Ferdinand and Jose. If you’re expecting a girl, the names Isabella and Joanna are both regal and beautiful.

So, will your baby be getting a royal title this year?

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