Cool coats to keep kids warm and stylish

Winter in Canada can get downright chilly, and no one feels it quite as much as little ones, who spend their recesses and lunch breaks outdoors. So bundle up your kids in one of these warm and stylish jackets.

For girls

Firefly Tandy Insulated jacket

Firefly’s “Tandy” insulated jacket

Is your little girl tired of wearing her brother’s boring, dark, hand-me-down coats? Then she’ll be over the moon to receive one of these bright and colourful insulated jackets (, $90). The attractive faux-fur-trimmed hood paired with her choice of several patterns or colours will certainly put a smile on her face.

North Face transit down parka

The North Face’s “Transit” down parka

There’s no doubt about it — your little girl will be cozy and warm in this puffy down parka (, $205). If she’s a bit of a girlie girl, she’ll love the bright pink colour, but if she’s a fan of darker shades, the deep blue or black are options as well.

For boys

Pinzel 3 in 1 jacket

Pinzel’s 3-in-1 jacket with removable fleece hoodie

Kids love variety, so why not buy them a coat that can be worn three different ways? This 3-in-1 jacket has a suitable option no matter what the weather is like (, $63). The stylish fleece hoodie can be worn alone on mild days, while the outer jacket can be worn alone on cooler days. When it gets really cold out, you can clip the two layers together for maximum protection. So you have a jacket for every occasion!

North Face Moondoggy down jacket

The North Face’s “Moondoggy” reversible down jacket

It can be hard to find boys’ jackets in cool patterns they can get excited about, so your son will be extra happy when you give him this plaid down jacket by The North Face (, $154). Plus, if you have a special occasion where the plaid won’t be appropriate, you can use the plain, reversible inside for the night and then switch it back. It’s two looks for the price of one!

For girls and boys both

One-piece toaster suits

Chilly air can be sneaky and all too easily creep up under the bottom of a child’s coat. So if you have a little one who really suffers in the cold, a one-piece suit is the only answer. Fortunately these toaster suits come in several attractive colours, so your child can have his or her pick (, $99). It offers full coverage and is durable and water repellent, so your little one can play in the snow for hours.

MEC toaster suit

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