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Easy ways to meet other moms

Raising kids can be stressful, and being able to talk through your challenges with other women in similar situations can be a big help. But if you don’t happen to know any other mothers, here are some easy ways to make new mom-friends.

Two happy mothers pushing their children in strollers

Search the web

If people can meet their life partners online, you can certainly meet some fellow moms you’ll get along with. Check out websites such as, and search for mommy groups in your area. Many groups simply get together for lunch or coffee. You’ll meet plenty of new people and may even build some strong friendships in time. And if you want to chat with moms who have babies the same age as yours, check out BabyCenter’s Birth Clubs, where you can get in touch with moms who are going through the same experiences you are.

Start a blog

The mommy blogger community is a big one, and everyone in it is encouraging and eager to make new friends. Blogging isn’t nearly as intimidating as you might think. Simply use a free blogging platform such as WordPress to start up your very own page. You can post on it as much or as little as you want. Plus you can search for other mom bloggers and ask them questions or comment on what’s going on with them. In no time you’ll build up an online community of fellow moms you can rely on. And who knows? You might even meet one in your area and get to know them in person as well.

Meet up at school

If your child is old enough to go to daycare or elementary school, you have plenty of other moms right there just waiting to be met. Volunteering your time by chaperoning field trips or helping with a fundraiser is a great way to meet other parents. Or if you don’t have that much time, simply say hello to the moms you meet while picking up or dropping off your kids. By asking questions and offering quick, funny anecdotes when appropriate, you can slowly get to know other moms and build stronger ties. Consider suggesting a monthly coffee date, when all interested moms can get together and enjoy one another’s company for a few hours.

Join mommy groups

If you have a newborn and are feeling a little isolated, you aren’t alone. So many other new moms out there are looking for friends just as much as you are. That’s why joining mommy groups can be so helpful. Many community centres offer classes for new moms on everything from breastfeeding tips to postnatal yoga positions. You’ll meet other moms with similar concerns and can learn from one another — and have fun in the process too!

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