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Fun fitness activities to get your brood moving

Looking for more ways to spend quality family time? There’s no better way to get healthy and strengthen family bonds than by getting active together, and with these fun activities, it sure is easy to do!

Family hiking

Hike anywhere and everywhere

There’s no activity more budget-friendly and easy to do on a whim than hiking. It’s a great opportunity to chat with your kids and find out how they’re doing. Plus you can show them all the cool trails, paths and areas scattered in and around your town or city. To keep track of everything you discover, start a family journal in which each of you writes down his or her favourite thing about each hike the moment you get home. It will be a wonderful collection of memories to look back on years down the road.

Throw dance parties

Just because you want to enjoy a relaxed weekend in doesn’t mean you can’t sneak in a little bit of fitness as a family. You don’t need a lot of space to dance up a storm. Dancing is a major component of social situations, and every generation has its own unique ways to get moving. So when you have a dance party at home, you can each take turns teaching everyone in the family a new move. By the end of it, your kids may know how to box step, while you’ll have learned how to dubstep!

Hit the field

Kids might not be interested in going for a 5-kilometre run, but when you get them out in a field, they’ll never realize just how much running around they’re doing. There are so many activities to do in a field that even little ones with short attention spans can be entertained for hours. Fill up a bag with a Frisbee, soccer ball, football, baseball and bat and any other gear you have on hand, and head to your local park. To make it extra fun, invite some neighbours or your children’s friends along so you can really get a good game going.

piggy bankRaise money for a good cause

There’s no end to the amount of good things that come from signing up to raise money for a charity via a walk, run or bike ride. And by doing it as a family, you’ll get to do something together and raise even more money for an important cause. Begin by selecting the race you’d like to do, and then see which charity you can raise funds for. It’s a great opportunity to teach kids about doing good things for others. Plus you’ll be spending time together as a family while getting fit in the process!

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