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New Year’s resolutions to make with your kids

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults. Get your kids involved in the spirit of fresh starts this season by making some fun resolutions you can do together.

Little boy at new year's eve party

Have a biweekly board games night

Between work, school and other engagements, family time can fall by the wayside. And even when you do manage to squeeze in a little time together, you may tend to lean toward doing something that doesn’t allow for a lot of communication, such as watching a movie. To keep up the family dynamic, commit to having a board games night every other week. That means every 14 days you all sit down together and play cards or a board game of your choosing. Cranium, Taboo and Life, among many others, all guarantee hours of fun family bonding time.

Hike a new path once a month

Do your kids get too much physical activity? Not likely. Kids need to live active lives to stay healthy. So even if your little ones have a gym class at school and are involved in a couple of extracurricular activities, it doesn’t hurt to take on a little extra exercise as a family. Walking is especially great because it lets you talk and catch up while you work up a sweat. And if you commit to trying out a new path once a month, you’ll all get to know the different sights and experiences your area has to offer.

Go out of your comfort zones together

Trying new things is the best way to learn more about the world and yourself. And it’s even more fun when you do it with others. This year, make a resolution with your kids to try something none of you has ever done before. It can be as simple as signing up for a dance class or an hour of rock climbing together. Sharing new experiences is a great way to bond as a family, and you’ll all learn and grow in the process!

Test out a new recipe once a week

Kids learn so many life skills, such as cooking, from their parents. So this year, make a resolution to try new recipes, and get your kids involved to help test out something new once a week. If that’s too often, try every other week. Involve them in all the prep work, cooking and cleaning so they get a feel for how everything works. Start with something simple, such as carrot soup, and slowly work your way up to more complex dishes, such as butternut squash ravioli. It’s a great way to teach little ones about healthy cooking and eating from a young age.

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