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Tips for getting kids excited about reading

A love of reading can start at a young age, and it’s one of the best passions to instill in your child. Here are some surefire ways to turn your child into a lifelong bookworm.

Mother and two children happily reading a book

Though some kids might be more inclined than others to pick up a book, by using some smart strategies, you can turn even the most reluctant child into a lover of books and reading. Here’s how.

Lead by example

Your child seeing you get pleasure when losing yourself in a great novel in your spare time will make a huge impression on them. They will look at reading books as something fun to do rather than something they just associate with schoolwork.

Take them to the library

Visit your local public library with your child, and help him or her find books they’ll enjoy. Make a note of readings and other special activities scheduled at your library, and attend them with your child.

Offer book-related rewards

Make surprise treats and gifts related to books, such as giving them a bookmark (have them start a bookmark collection!). If there’s a particular book series your child can’t get enough of, give them stickers of its characters. Once they’ve finished one book in the series, take your child to see the movie or rent the DVD if possible.

Make a reading progress chart

Keep track of your child’s reading progress by making a chart, and use star stickers to mark each chapter they’ve read. They’ll be motivated to earn more and more stars, and once they finish reading a book, give them a reward, such as $5 to go toward the next book club order at school.

Read to or with your kids

Depending on the age of your child, either read to him or her or have them read to you, and then chat about the characters and the story. Think of it as your own little book club with your child.

Create a reading nook

Make it easy for your child to read by designating a space where it’s easy for them to curl up with a book. A comfy chair with proper lighting and perhaps a blanket to cozy up underneath while reading is all you need to give them.

A stack of books

Try different types of books

Some kids might take to types of books other than the tried-and-true classics. Try graphic novels or fantasy novels, for example, if you’ve only tried to get them to read mysteries.

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