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Post-present fun: Make the most of the winter break

Christmas Day is exciting for kids — sometimes so exciting that they don’t know what to do with themselves when it’s all over. Make the most of the rest of their winter break by getting them engaged in some of these fun activities.

Two little boys outside skating with mom on a rink

Bake together

Although your kids might find all the peeling and chopping that goes with cooking dinner boring, the anticipation of biting into a freshly baked cookie will keep them engaged for a good deal of time. Even the smallest kids can take part in the stirring and decorating, so it’s a great family activity for all. If you’ve had an indulgent holiday so far and are trying to get back into your healthy habits, you can still partake in some family baking! Just whip up these healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that your little ones will love and you can feel good about snacking on.

Arrange a play date

Between homework, extracurricular activities and family events, it can be hard for kids to see their friends outside of school as much as they would like. So give yourself a break, and let them have some fun with their friends by arranging a good old-fashioned play date. They’ll have fun catching one another up on how their respective holidays went, and you’ll have room for some “me time”!

Celebrate the outdoors

If there’s snow where you live, then the activity options are endless. Pack into the car, and drive out to a nearby trail for some cross-country skiing, or head out to the slopes so your little ones can test their skills going downhill. If you want to stay closer to home, head over to a nearby park to build a few snowmen and to enjoy some tobagganing. If it hasn’t been a white Christmas for you, there’s still plenty you can do outdoors. Find the nearest outdoor ice rink, and take the kids skating. Or bundle everyone up, and take a walk through your favourite neighbourhoods and paths. Kids might not be immediately thrilled to head into the cold outdoors, but once you get them out there, you’ll all have a blast!

gift boxGet them talking about their gifts

Kids are thrilled to unwrap gift after gift on Christmas morning, but once everything’s been opened, they can wind up with more fun items than they know what to do with. And if they feel too overwhelmed, they may forget to play with their cool gifts altogether. Rather than telling them to go play with their toys and making it feel like a chore, talk to them about it. Ask them how the protagonist of that book they asked for is doing and how that new toy they couldn’t be without works. It’s a friendly and fun way to remind them there’s lots for them to do even if they’re done unwrapping.

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