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Gift ideas to keep kids active

With the right stimuli, kids love to stay active and do fun things. And this time of year is the perfect occasion to give them gifts that will get them excited about keeping busy.

Funky bike helmets |

Funky bike helmets

Biking is a great way to help kids stay active. But if your kids constantly whine about biking being scary or boring, amp up the fun by giving them a cool helmet cover. Tail Wags has all kinds of covers little ones will love, such as this fairy princess cover for girls or this dog cover for boys (, $40). You can be sure they’ll be a lot more excited to get pedalling when they have a funky helmet to strap on.

Gift cards for kids |

Gift certificates to fun activities

So many fun activities are out there that can get kids interacting and having fun while staying active at the same time, so giving your little ones gift certificates to these cool activities is a great idea. If your kids can spend hours in front of the TV playing video games, then they’ll love playing something like laser tag, which is practically a real-life (though less hazardous) version of Mission Impossible. Or if you want to be able to talk to them and spend quality time together, get them a gift certificate to minigolf or bowling.

Mini trampoline |

A mini trampoline

Kids love to jump, so if you want to keep your little ones jumping their way to healthy living, a mini trampoline is the perfect option. This Little Tikes 7-foot trampoline (, $250)  is great for kids aged 3 to 10. It holds one child at a time and has pad protectors and a frame to keep little ones safe. Don’t be surprised if your kids are happy to bounce around all day long!

Diamond grande kite |

A kite

Kites are great because they can be used no matter the season. All you need is a little bit of wind, and you’re good to go! A good kite, such as this rainbow diamond kite (, $23), will provide your little ones with hours of fun running around your nearest park or beach.

Adias track suit |

A fun track outfit

Going for a jog with your kids can be a healthy activity, but taking a run might not immediately seem like fun to your little ones. To make it extra special, snag them cool running gear (, $20 to $75) that will get them excited about going out. Look for fun patterns and attractive cuts that will make kids want to show them off in the gym or at the park.

Old fashion sled |

A toboggan or sled

If you’ve ever gone tobogganing with your kids and experienced the exhilaration of sliding down a hill and then the exhaustion of climbing back up it with toboggan in tow, then you know just how great it can be for your fitness. Check out this old-fashioned wood sled (, $93), which will give your kids hours of fun in the snow.

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