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Family Christmas card photos

It’s time for your annual family Christmas photo, but are you tired of the same pose in front of the fireplace in your matching reindeer sweaters? Then check out these inspiring tips and ideas for creating interesting Christmas card photos you’ll be proud to send out this holiday season.

Family building snowman

Whether you choose to use a professional photographer, ask a friend or take the photo yourself, it’s easy to get the Christmas card photo you’ve always wanted. A professional will have unique ideas and access to any editing tools that may be required, but when doing a shoot on your own, you can always do a little on-line editing or take it a step further by creating something entirely new using an advanced tool such as Photoshop. So here are some fun ideas just to get you started — then let your creativity and imagination soar!

Traditional favourites

While the idea of standing in front of the fireplace year after year might not be the most creative way to capture your family, traditional family poses do have some merit. Always using a familiar landmark as a background will allow others to see the changes and growth your family experiences. To make it fun, try these ideas:

  • Have your family sit in a row on ascending steps on your staircase.
  • Find a pretty outdoor space in your backyard or nearby park, and use it year after year.
  • Pose in front of the fireplace, but for something different, wrap everyone up in Christmas lights.
  • Coordinate, but don’t match exactly; that will allow each person’s style to shine through.

Take it outside

Outdoor action shots make everyone smile, so get active, and try these shots:

  • A family snowball fight.
  • An aerial shot of making snow angels.
  • A shot of everyone lined up on a toboggan.
  • A picture at the top of a ski hill.
  • Building or posing with a snowman. Another idea is to build your family into a family of snow people, and have each human member stand behind or nearby their snowy double.
  • A photo around a bonfire or at a winter picnic.
  • If you don’t have snow, don’t fret. Simply make it part of the fun by taking a photo of your family in toques and scarves golfing, on the tennis courts or at the beach.

Use props

The right props can make or break a photo, so consider these tips when adding them to your photos:

  • Keep the props simple, as they should enhance the photo’s subject matter, not detract from it.
  • Limit the use. Avoid cluttering up the picture with too many extra pieces in the composition.
  • Make sure the props coordinate in both colour and style with the rest of the photo.

Prop suggestions

You can find these and other great props at party rental stores, craft retail outlets and home decor or improvement stores:

  • Oversized letters that spell out holiday sentiments, such as “joy” or “peace.” Your family can hold the letters or pose around them.
  • Hold a banner that reflects a seasonal greeting, such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”
  • Surround your family with few large or oversized Christmas presents or ornaments.
  • Wrap your subjects up in clear or coloured Christmas lights.
  • Frame each family member’s face with plain greenery wreaths or aged wooden frames.

The suggestions listed here are only a few of the many ideas for creating your ultimate Christmas card photo, so put on your thinking cap… The countdown to Christmas is on!

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