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Winter- and holiday-inspired baby names

Not sure what to name your new little one? Well, if you love the holiday season and winter, one of these names might have just the original and heartfelt touch you’re looking for.

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The season

Although many people prefer the hot and sunny days of summer, plenty enjoy the calmness that comes with winter. If you’re someone who truly appreciates this colder time of year, November, December, January, February or Winter could be appropriate names for your baby. Snow and Star also evoke the tranquility of the season in a beautiful way. Or for a cultural twist, try the Italian word for snow, Neve.

The Christian holiday

For Christians all around the world, this time of year is a moment to give thanks for the birth of the baby Jesus. If your religious beliefs are important to you and you want to share them with your child, giving him or her a name that celebrates those beliefs is a lovely choice. Any derivative of the word Christ, such as Christine, Christian, Christa, Christopher or Christiane, is a great selection. Or you can opt for the names of the people who helped bring him into this world — his parents, Mary and Joseph. In the conventional telling of the story, the wise men who visited the baby were Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior. Another name featured in the story is that of the angel Gabriel, who appeared to tell Mary she would give birth to the baby Jesus. The names Angel and Gabriel/Gabrielle work for both boys and girls alike.

The modern-day rendition

Obviously Christmas has evolved a great deal since its origin centuries ago. Many people think of Santa Claus rather than the baby Christ when they think of the Christmas season. If it’s the modern-day adaptation you love most, there are some great names for you to choose from. If you want to pay homage to the honourable man who got Christmas as we know it started, consider Nick or Nicholas, after Saint Nicholas. The French word for Christmas, Noel, is a lovely name for a girl. Or if it’s the decor that really makes you happy and inspires you, Holly is a very sweet name. And for a true representation of the holiday, Joy is an excellent choice as well.

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