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Your teen’s bedroom: Cleaning and organizing tips

If you have a teenager, you know it can often be a challenge for them to keep their bedroom clean and organized! While it seems almost all teens go through this phase, these tips and ideas will help your teen get their bedroom organized and hopefully encourage them to keep it that way!

teen girl with vaccuum

Let’s face it: Of all the things your teen has on his or her mind, keeping their room neat and tidy is probably not one of them. But even though it might not be a priority, having a clean, organized and functional bedroom will help your teen keep his or her busy life on track. So here are some suggestions and strategies to help whip your teen’s bedroom back into shape and create a personal space they’re sure to love.

Make it a team effort

Start with a thorough cleaning, but before you begin, discuss with your teen what needs to be done. Most teens will benefit from at least some parental help, so keep the tone light, and highlight the benefits of having an organized bedroom. Be sure to listen to their ideas, and remember to be respectful; don’t attempt to tackle it on your own, as some teens may feel like that’s an invasion of their privacy. Then set up a time to clean when you know you will both be relaxed, ready to work and there’s ample time to finish the job.

Step by stepcleaning supplies

Following a step-by-step strategy for cleaning is not only an efficient way to work, but it will also help establish a routine for your teen to follow to maintain a clean room in the future. Do one task at a time, and follow it through to the end.

  • Make the bed. This instantly makes the room look better and should be a daily habit.
  • Open the blinds or drapes to let the sunshine in.
  • Pick up everything from the floor, including what’s under the bed, desk, etc. If this is a major clean, it’s helpful to set up piles of items, such as recyclables or keepsakes, that can be put away at the end, but otherwise, put all items and garbage away as you go.
  • Fold and put away or hang up all clean clothes, and toss whatever’s dirty into the appropriate basket or hamper. Have your teen get into the habit of putting away clothes fresh from the laundry. Get rid of any worn-out clothes, move any items that are out of season to another storage area in your home and donate any gently used clothing your teen doesn’t wear anymore to charity.
  • Clear away all the clutter from furniture, shelves and the closet.
  • Remove anything your teen has outgrown or no longer uses.
  • Replace or fix anything that’s broken.
  • Wash or dust off all surfaces, and wipe off scuff marks and fingerprints from the walls if necessary.
  • Vacuum any rugs or carpets, or sweep the hardwood.
  • Empty the garbage and recycle bins.

Storage solutions

The key to a clean room is organization. Here are some ideas:

  • Give your teen his or her own laundry basket for their room.
  • If space allows, set up a desk for homework or other projects, and be sure to add a recycle bin underneath.
  • Use under-the-bed storage for such items as extra bedding, clothes or keepsakes. Two to check out are from Ikea and Rona.
  • Allocate dresser drawer and closet space by clothing functionality.
  • A portable makeup caddy or trunk case is perfect for stashing your teen’s cosmetics or other personal hygiene items.hanger
  • Hooks and shelves with hangers are great for keeping things such as bags, hats and scarves off the floor.
  • Clear plastic bins are ideal for storing hobby supplies, personal items, belts, scarves, shoes, etc.
  • Adding bookshelves and wall storage shelves will keep items like books, framed pictures and decorative pieces organized.
  • Consider fully utilizing closet storage space by building in shelving or using a closet organizing kit.

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