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Kids’ winter activities: No snow required

Many of the activities kids look forward to most when winter arrives require snow. But there’s no need to be disappointed with these fun snow-free, cold-weather activities!

kids ice skating

Visit the local rink

Sure, the snow may not be around, but that doesn’t mean other cold-weather activities aren’t plentiful. We’re in Canada, after all! Ice rinks are open all year-round here, and when winter arrives, the few that may have closed down during the summer set up right away. And as soon as the temperature drops below zero, outdoor rinks are added to the mix as well. So get those old skates out of the garage, or stop by your local Canadian Tire to buy some new ones if your kids have outgrown their old pair, and head over to your local rink!

Start a game

Don’t let the cool weather keep you from enjoying the group activities you loved in the summer. Sure, beach volleyball might be out of the question, but there are plenty of other options. And you’re more likely to find an open field when it’s cold out. Consider setting up a friendly game of touch football, ultimate Frisbee or baseball, and invite your friends, family and neighbours to come out and celebrate the season with you.

Fly a kite

The tendency in winter is to assume all those things you loved doing in the summer aren’t doable anymore. But that isn’t the case! In fact, some summer activities can be even more fun in the winter. When you fly a kite in the summer, you’re constantly having to dodge kids playing and keep the string from getting caught in leafy trees. But in the winter, parks and beaches are emptier, and there are less bushy trees to contend with. Sure, it might be a little chillier, but with the right cold-weather attire, flying a kite in the winter is a blast. So suit up, and take flight!

Go adventuring

When the temperature falls way below zero, kids may have trouble staying outside for long. But if it’s hovering just above the freezing mark, going for a hike in the winter can be every bit as fun as it is in the summer. Consider taking the same path you usually do in the warmer months, and point out how nature has changed since then. This can be a great learning experience for your little ones. And they can also have a blast collecting acorns, pine cones and other winter items. Just make sure you layer up before heading out so you don’t have to turn back early on account of the cold. Happy adventuring!

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