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5 Best reads by Robert Munsch

No stories appeal to children and adults alike quite like the works of Robert Munsch. Make sure to treat both yourself and your kids to the best of children’s literature with these five favourites.

The Paper Bag Princess cover

The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess may very well be Munsch’s best-known tale. It’s the simple story of a princess named Elizabeth who cleverly outwits a dragon to save her prince. She may be a princess, but she’s anything but silly or spoiled when it comes down to it. The twist on the usual story of a prince rescuing a princess from a fiery dragon is wonderfully done and worthy of checking out if you haven’t already!

I ahve to go! cover

I Have to Go!

Robert Munsch writes a lot of funny stories, but I Have to Go! may very well be the funniest of them all. It tells the story of a little boy named Andrew who never thinks he has to go to the bathroom but quickly winds up regretting it each and every time. It’s a cute and humorous tale that also offers kids who are having trouble getting used to the toilet some solid and non-judgmental advice.

Thomas' Snowsuit cover

Thomas’ Snowsuit

Thomas’ Snowsuit tells the story of a little boy named Thomas who, due to a whole lot of stubbornness and a little bit of vanity, refuses to put on the snowuit his mother bought him. Quite a few kerfuffles ensue as his mother, teacher and principal all try to stuff him into his snowsuit. But when all is said and done, only Thomas can make the final decision!

Love You Forever cover

Love You Forever

Munsch may be known primarily for creating fun and humorous reads, but he certainly outdid himself when he wrote the heartwarming story Love You Forever. The book follows the journey of a mother and son as they grow and change through life — with one beautiful tradition remaining the same throughout. Love You Forever is so good, it has become a bedtime staple in many Canadian homes. Try making it part of your family’s nightly routine, and see for yourself!

PUrple, green, and yellow cover

Purple, Green and Yellow

Not only is the story in Purple, Green and Yellow great, but the vibrant and colourful images are particularly captivating as well. Kids will fall in love with the imaginative tale of Brigid and her super-indelible-never-come-off-till-you’re-dead-and-maybe-even-later colouring markers, while parents just might view it as a cautionary tale of why you shouldn’t let your children talk you into buying 500 permanent markers!

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